In the fall of 2009, Bassam Chiblak, then president of the Concordia Association of Students of English (CASE), asked me to direct a show. The idea was to have the students of the university’s English Department actually get up on stage and perform, literally bridging the gap between page and stage. I recruited my good friend Joseph Bembridge and we got to work. We chose Crimp’s Attempts on Her Life because it was a challenging Modernist work, with many short scenes and a large cast. The show sold out for its three-night run in February 2010, and was a huge success.

Press release, written by Bassam Chiblak, CASE President

Just who is Annie? What does she do? Where the “heck” is she? These are questions we should all be asking on a daily basis, and yet, when we do, there are no answers that leave us cloudless. Join CASE for Martin Crimp’s brilliant enigmatic piece that has fascinated the globe over for the past 10 years with its marvelous monologues, dialogues–what else would we call them–and sheer vivid language. Ultimately, Crimp has designed “Attempts” in 17 scenarios that will leave no one indifferent. An avant-garde masterpiece.

This is CASE’s first ever theatrical production, so make sure the house is packed. Due to the nature of the show only 40 seats are available each night for 3 nights: Feb 18,19, 20. So hurry, hurry, hurry before these disappear!

The Directors: Bryn Symonds & Joseph Bembridge are seasoned veterans in the Montreal theatre scene. As playwright, Bryn is most notably recognised for his piece entitled, “David,” a one-man show about the nature of sexuality, which starred none other than, Joseph. The two have a wonderful affinity that has helped anchor CASE’s production by teaching students/actors far more than just the fundamentals of theatre. Two beautiful people that have been the backbone to this project from day 1.

The Actors: Departmental talent galore! A zymurgy of faces from so many places with such diverse, and yet, complementary personalities. Here they are in alphabetical order: Atli Bollason, Joshua Bradbury Klyman, Camila Contreras, Marion DeGeorges, Jeff Ho, Peggy Hogan, Mitra Kaboli and Nora Rosenthal.

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